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Membership Program

Why a membership?

Because it is time to take care of YOU! You're WORTH it!! Massage is most effective when performed on a regular basis..


We offer reasonably priced membership programs. AND, if you find the need for additional services in any month, member prices save you even more, much lower than elsewhere.

Benefits for YOU

  • scheduled ME time
  • Partner rewards program
  • Family/guest add-ons
  • Retail discounts - 10%
  • First to know about any up-coming events

How does it work?

Enjoy YOUR regular monthly massage/facial therapy sessions for less. One monthly session will be auto-debited from your credit/debit card.

IF you want to upgrade your session or have any additional sessions in the month, it will be at member-only low rates!

In addition, there is no activation fee, no contract and no cancellation fee (simply give us a 30-day written notice - please see membership agreement for details).

Benefits of massage ME membership

The membership allows you to enjoy a massage therapy program as well as sharing the benefits with your family & friends. 

massage ME membership plans provide services performed by Nationally certified Massage Therapists. These therapists have years of experiences; seek training on a regular basis to keep their skills at the top of their profession; care about YOU and YOUR  well being. These highly skilled professional will address your long-standing body issues or simply help to relax and de-stress. 

By consistently visiting massage ME one time per month, you will be allowing yourself to unlock the true benefits of an ongoing massage therapy program without breaking the bank.

What's the European Facial Membership?

This program provides in-spa services every 4 weeks along with a simple affordable home care regimen.

The benefit of this type of membership will allow you to enjoy a facial therapy program. As you know, when people mature, along with today's environment, our cells lose the ability to retain water. The muscles under the skin lose their elasticity and become weaker. This makes it more difficult for the muscles to support the skin covering them. This causes wrinkles, creases, and folds in the skin, giving a person that "older look". 

A european Facial massage will achieve balance, more youthful-looking skin, help to promote rejuvenation, firm and tighten the skin plus it's one of the most relaxing and enjoyable treatments one can get! 

(Note: this service is a non-extraction, very gentle facial therapy)

Membership Pricing

Massage Therapy Membership

Introductory Session  $39/50 minutes or $50/80 minutes

Ongoing Sessions $55/50 minutes or $75/80 minutes

Facial Therapy Membership

50 minute sessions only

Introductory Session $39

Ongoing Sessions $50

Combo Facial/Massage Membership

Introductory Session $75

Ongoing Sessions $95

Additional massage within each month:

$35 for 50 minutes or $50 for 80 minutes


  • Hot Stone Massage  - $15
  • Cocoon wraps - $20
  • Candle Massage - $15

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